Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's easy RIGHT?!?!?

Okay, I guess some of you didn't blog because you didn't know how...It's really easy.
**To post just simply go up the the upper right hand corner of the screen and hit new post. Add a title to the post and start typing. Then hit publish post.
**To add a picture to a post click the add image icon (the button next to the spell check). You can browse your computer for a picture or pull one from the internet.
**To add video you will need to upload your video to a host like It will automatically create an HTML code that you will need to copy and then come and paste directly into your post making sure that you are in the Edit HTML portion of your post. To do that just simply click on the Edit HTML button located on the upper right hand corner of the post section right next to the compose tab. Your video will show when you publish the post. If it throws up an error click that little box and hit okay and it will let you post your video.
**If you want to start your own blog just go to and create your own. Then add your self the the family list by clicking on the screwdriver and wrench it will open the configure link list screen where you will add your name and you blogspot address. make sure to save the change. If you have any other questions or see something on another blog and you want to figure out how to do it just ask!

Hopefully some of these tutorials help.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Prayer's are answered from Cindy Maldonado

Today I was a little discouraged, because I could not find my garage door opener and mail key that was in Becky's car. I just could not remember where I had put them. This was when we took her to BYUI. I had not given up hope, so I prayed again, only this time I wanted to have a clear mind; be able to remember and have some clue as to where it could be. You know what, I was looking in some places that I already checked, but didn't check my sock drawer, until now. I must have been packing my socks given the garage door opener and mail key from her car at that time. I must have just stuck them in the drawer. That made my day, I am glad I took the time to pray. It is good that I found them, because Tim and Sicily are moving in with us this week. They are in school full time and can't afford the apartment, and they only work part-time. It took some convincing them to move in with us, but they are this week. I need more people to share the pool and the internet and satellite dish TV with. When Becky moved out I felt like why do we need all of this for just Larry and I. Yesterday, I was checking to see what stations my satellite provides, and decided to check out and listen to the CD BYU station. It is really good and helps me to think more positively when at home by myself, and no car to go anywhere. Another thing I am thankful for is. I was cleaning the bathroom yesterday; I had put some bleach in a spray bottle to spray on some mold areas that I found when we pulled out the baseboards and tile to replace with marble tiles. Well, I accidentally grabbed the bottle of bleach and thought I had the cleaner; it mixed with the cleaner and made a horrible smell. I didn't want to quit cleaning, but could not stand it. So I moved away from it, then I figured out what I had done. Immediately I sprayed everything down with water and the smell went away. I could have passed out. I am so thankful for the prompting to move away from the smell or I could have been worse off. Today I decided to try some pumice stone to clean the toilet bowl under the rim. There were some hard water deposits there and very tough to clean. The stone was not working, because I was scrubbing with it dry. Then I decided to read the instructions; it said cleaning works best with water. Then I couldn't fit it in the holes, so I decided to cut a piece of it to fit it in the holes. It worked, and now it is clean. I got all that hard water from all the past years, before I had a water filtration system put in our house for the entire house. From now on it shouldn't get that way again. This experience has made me realize that the spirit works even in little ways and blesses us in big ways; if we just take time to listen to the promptings. Larry and I finished installing the marble tile and the wood floors are done. The wood floors need the finishing touches to them by adding the transition from floor to tile at the thresholds of the 3 bedrooms. We need to install the baseboards everywhere, throughout the house to be finished. We are feeling very happy to have the major work done. I will send some photos later, so you can see what we have done. It is much easier for me to clean and I love it. I am happy to figure out how to post. I think the others in our family do not take time to figure it out. It took me a while; I still do not know how to do a blog.