Friday, March 6, 2009

Cindy and Larry Maldonado Newsletter 2008

Merry Christmas from Cindy and Larry Maldonado

At this Season of the year, many of homes, malls, and cars are filled with the music of Christmas. My heart turns to memories of home and past Christmases as I listen to my favorites, such as this one:

I’ll be Home for Christmas, You Can Count on Me! Even if in my dreams!

Most of the family gathers together and we reminisce about our lives. This past Year has been a joyous year for us and I hope yours has too. Reflecting back on the events that have happened in our lives the past year a few things stand out in my mind. We are blessed with two more grandchildren born and that makes a total of 19. Amy’s husband’s children included makes 23. Tim our youngest was married to Sicily the beginning of the year; they have purchased their first home and moved into it this month. It is located in Mesa, Arizona. They will be attending college in that area. Larry and I lived in Utah during the hottest time here in AZ. Larry worked at his office there in West Jordan, UT. He finished the work there and we came back home for more hot weather, but “there is no place like home”. Becky invited us to Mother’s conference at her College at BYU Idaho. We had a great time; Cindy met all her room mates and their mom’s. While we were there it snowed on us, it was strange, because it was still hot back home in Glendale, AZ where we live. Our daughter Amy and family moved to South Jordan, Utah in July and we stayed with them while there. Our other children and families live near us in the Valley. Tammy is a bit further from us living in Florence, AZ. I stayed with her a week recently to help out with them bringing home their new baby Emma. During the year we vacationed at Disneyland a few times, with some of our children and their families. We have more fun with little ones around. We remodeled our home with new marble and wood floors. We enjoy that a lot. The house is easier to clean. Our health is holding out well with the exception of getting older. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We send our Love.

Lots of Love,

Cindy and Larry